The organisers made us feel at home. They helped us not only on a professional level (organizing productively the rehearsal process and everything around it) but also on a personal level, listening to all our concerns to which they always tried to find solutions. Each one individually is, and as a team they are, quite unique and unforgettable.

The individual classes not only fulfilled but exceeded all my already high expectations.

Day by day the lessons were taking me another step further and this would not have happened without knowing that these teachers really cared about improving each one of us.

The tutors provided everyone with the knowledge and tools which are practical and necessary for our profession.

KaDISS brought me new discoveries both as a human and as an artist. The course taught and offered me many new things that I now own, and which I shall continue to work with from now on.

I got taught by outstanding teachers, who are not only artists but they also have the pedagogical skills to communicate the contexts to us.

It was an incredible experience to have classes on Saturdays taking place in different and evocative performance spaces.

The midday snack/brunch helped us to maintain our stamina. The food was delicious, very healthy and in generous quantities.

We have discovered a new town – vibrant, sunny and with a beautiful seafront. We felt very welcome here.