Circle of Art 2021-2023

a Kalamata Drama project

‘ Circle of Art’ is a new programme by Kalamata Drama that, together with the annual Kalamata Drama International Summer School (KaDISS), makes a cultural and educational contribution to the local area and to the region. ‘Circle of Art’ is a programme of events and encounters at international level, engaging students and professionals within the performing arts to take a truly focused, perhaps alternative, view of their craft, reassess and examine their abilities and approach and develop new techniques and a broader outlook.

The ‘Circle of Art’ project begins in 2021 with a series of webinars streamed from Kalamata revealing the process of a costume designer and of a stage designer and introducing the role of a dramaturge in theatre-making. This will be followed by a guest performance by a ground-breaking theatre group.

In 2022, ‘Circle of Art’ will include webinar/seminars in Kalamata on development of the theatrical set design in collaboration with a director and two immersive Labs: on movement for the performer and on composition of music for the theatre.

In spring 2023, we close our ‘Circle of Art’ with another visit by a ground-breaking theatre company and a  webinar/seminar on directing for the theatre.

By the end of the three-year ‘Circle of Art’ programme, we shall have explored and widely shared a holistic approach to theatre-making, performance and training for contemporary theatre practice.

All these webinars will be held in Kalamata for a limited number of people and free of charge.

The first webinar on 24th May saw KaDISS Course Leader and Director Andrew Visnevski in conversation with the Costume Designer and Researcher, Nathalie Bries.  The second webinar on June 28th will be an encounter with Stage Designer and Artist, Paweł Dobrzycki.  And our October 2021 webinar will feature Eirini Moudraki, Theatrologist and Dramaturge of the National  Theatre of Greece.

‘Circle of Art 2021’ is exclusively funded by the Bareva Foundation in Liechtenstein, which also supports KaDISS 2021

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