KaDISS 2023

Summer Training in Greece

The KaDISS 2022 participants gave outstanding feedback at completion of their course. Apart from intensive daily training on the stage of the Cultural Centre of Kalamata, they had benefitted from some unexpected learning experiences, such as a masterclass on the performer’s stagecraft in the open-air theatre of the Kastro of Kalamata, time spent swimming in the sea together with the horses of the Drougas Riding School of Kalamata, while the final class and presentation of their work took place in the small Hellenic amphitheatre in Ancient Messene, an archaeological site of world importance.

KaDISS 2023 looks to offer similar unique learning experiences.

The Kalamata Drama International Summer School, established five years ago in the seaside resort of Kalamata, provides a full post-training development programme for the theatre performer.

The participant acquires a solid technical base in embodiment of poetic text and a rigorous personal vocal and physical discipline through revelatory approaches to character interpretation and ensemble sensibility. The programme is led by teacher-practitioners with an international reputation for their highly individual creative work and outstanding contribution to actor training, primarily at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

We are very happy to announce that for the KaDISS 2023, the teaching team will be joined by Dan Sherer. A former student at RADA and at the National Theatre Studio, Dan now teaches at both institutions, is also a theatre director, dramaturg and writer. His presence offers participants a rare opportunity of engaging with Active Analysis and Improvisational Practice, while immersing in the embodiment of Shakespeare’s text.

Theatre Alive!  grant /

Theatre Alive! is offering a grant of 1000 GBP to an MA or PhD researcher in theatre and performance, who wishes to combine academic study with practical training and would benefit from travelling in Greece, engaging with the history, art and culture. 

The grant is towards costs of travel, accommodation and board to attend, free of charge, the three-week Kalamata International Summer School 2023.

Your application should include a detailed CV, a résumé of your research studies and a statement of why this opportunity would be a positive contribution to your professional aspirations.

Applications deadline: Monday, June 18th 2023

Please send your application to: info@kalamatadrama.com

As Subject to your email, write: Theatre Alive! KaDISS 2023 scholarship

Please note: applications received after the deadline date will not be considered.

KaDISS 2022

We are pleased to announce that the three-week intensive KaDISS 2022, starting 16th August, will be held in the indoor amphitheatre of the Cultural Centre of Kalamata under the Banner of the Municipality of Kalamata. We are delighted that selected classes will take place in collaboration with the Ephorate of  Antiquities of Messenia in the open-air amphitheatre of the Old Castle of Kalamata and at the Ecclesiastirio (the ancient Odeon) at the archaeological site of Ancient Messene.

We will welcome participants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Greece. From Greece, we are delighted to welcome the students from the Acting and the Theatre Directing courses of the Drama School of the Greek National Theatre.

We want to take this opportunity to thank publicly our collaborators and our sponsors. The Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation for our ongoing association and, through their grants in the past four years, for providing the opportunity to new artists  from Messinia to participate in our annual programme.  Also, the Messinian Amphictyony and the Messinian Chamber of Commerce for their kind support and their ongoing collaboration since KaDISS 2019 until today.

KaDISS 2022 Course Leader director Andrew Visnevski will teach acting technique, character creation and imaginative embodiment of Shakespeare’s text. The movement tutor, stage artist and director Gabrielle Moleta will work daily on the students’ physical performance and their paths to transformation.

This year KaDISS is dedicated to the memory and to the lasting influence of Peter Brook. From the mid-1940s to the present day, his incessant, informed exploration in the realm of acting and theatre-making has left an enduring mark upon several generations of actors, directors, designers and theatre-goers alike. 

In tribute to Peter Brook, this summer we shall take upon us to apply his teaching principles and research into expanding the boundaries of the art of theatre-making. Using the text of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ as our starting point, we shall build upon the aims of KaDISS of liberating the actor and bringing new vitality to the text and characters, by exploring the theme of “Shakespeare as Ritual Theatre”.

Not diverging from the searing humanity of the text, we shall question whether all-pervading Νaturalism is not a limiting approach to poetic drama and whether by a deeper insight into the actions common to all humanity and by an understanding of the principles of the tragic flaw and catharsis in Ancient Greek tragedy and by use of masks in rehearsal, we might not liberate the modern actor in unexpected ways – in imagination, spirit and body and breath.

Circle of Art 2021-2023

a Kalamata Drama project

‘Circle of Art’ is a new project by Kalamata Drama that, together with the annual Kalamata Drama International Summer School (KaDISS), makes a cultural contribution to the local area and to the region. ‘Circle of Art’ is a programme of educational and cultural events, engaging students and professionals within the performing arts to take a truly focused, perhaps alternative, view of their craft and, through encounter, reassess and examine their craft and develop new techniques and broader outlook.

All the webinars and events were held in Kalamata, attended by a limited number of participants and students, completely free of charge.

‘Circle of Art 2021’ is exclusively funded by the Bareva Foundation in Liechtenstein (which has also supported  KaDISS 2021)

The first webinar was a creative conversation between KaDISS Course Leader and Director Andrew Visnevski and the Fashion and Costume Designer, Nathalie Bries. It was streamed live on Monday, 24th May, at 20.00 hours (local time).

The webinar is available to watch on YouTube, on this link:

In the second webinar, KaDISS Course Leader and Director, Andrew Visnevski led a conversation with the award-winning scenographer, artist and eminent teacher, prof. Paweł Dobrzycki. This was streamed live on Monday, 28th June at 20.00 hours (local time).

The conversation is available to watch on YouTube on this link:

Artistic Director Andrew Visnevski’s guest for the third webinar in the series was Irini Moundraki, Head of Drama, Library, Archive and International Collaborations Departments of the National Theatre of Greece.

The webinar was broadcast on Monday, 25th October, at 19.00 (local time).
The broadcast was scheduled to take place in collaboration with the Public Library of Kalamata, in the Cultural Centre of the city, within the architecturally outstanding space of the Library, but due to the unpredictable conditions of the pandemic this was not possible.

Nevertheless, the scheduled broadcast took place and followed the successful course of the two previous webinars.

The encounter is available to watch on You Tube on the following link:

The aim of the workshop was to develop, through Gabrielle Moleta’s specific process of Transformation and Imaginative Improvisation, the foundations for a new piece of physical theatre, as well as providing tools and material enabling each participant individually to take the work further. Through the rich process of Transformation that required total investment of body and imagination, the students discovered how prolonged focus on one animal in its environment enriches the actor’s process.

Gabrielle Moleta introduced exercises which physically prepare the body and imaginatively tune the inner landscape in order to work in animal and then towards human form. On the fourth and last day of the Bear Workshop, the work developed on the main stage of the Municipal Theatre of Kalamata, transferred to the inspiring space of the Public Library of Kalamata, where it was attended by a small invited audience.

A welcome addition to the workshop was the collaboration with the scholar and singer of Byzantine music, Ilias Kolliniatis and also the musician and singer Sofia Irini Giannopoulou, both members of the Maria Callas Alumni Association of the Music School of Kalamata. They led the daily vocal warm-up and created unique soundscapes that complement the workshop experience.

The final day of the Bear Workshop was filmed live and, as other items of the ‘Circle of Art’ 2021 programme, is available for viewing.

To watch the Bear Workshop day 4 on You Tube, please follow the link: