Shakespeare Lab

a Kalamata Drama International Summer School 2020 Theatre Laboratory

Our thoughts go out to all affected by the spread of Covid-19, especially those who have been bereaved, those who are vulnerable and those who suddenly find themselves out of work.
The last group includes all who work in the performing arts. It also includes those who train for theatre and dance, whose training and practice is founded on physical presence with other artists-in-the-making and whose study has been stopped or greatly modified.

We fully respect the current internationally adopted measures to prevent the spread of the virus and have therefore suspended the setting up of the full programme of the Kalamata Drama International Summer School 2020.
However, in August, government measures allowing, KaDISS shall resume classes at international level for new actors and performers-in-training and continue to contribute to the cultural and educational activities of the region.

For the summer 2020, we are replacing the full programme with the Shakespeare Lab – a unique KaDISS 2020 Theatre Laboratory, a three-week intensive immersion in the world of a play by William Shakespeare: the imagination-stirring language, its unforgettable characters, the thrilling action, the joys and sorrows of the human psyche, fused into universal poetic drama.

Shakespeare Lab – a one-off programme for the actor-in-training and the young performer, will be led by theatre director Andrew Visnevski, whose work on embracing the technique required to act Shakespeare and on embodying the language of Shakespeare with actors and students internationally spans four decades. The work will include a daily physical preparation, vocal work, study of character and relationships through the text, as well as comprehensive insight into structure of the drama and its context, with constant practice on the stage and feedback. The whole culminating in performance of selected parts of the play in a Lab setting.

As an extra, this year’s special Shakespeare Lab KaDISS 2020 presents I Am Shakespeare, two Saturday Masterclasses for the Actor with Andrew Visnevski. These unique masterclasses of two-hours’ duration each will be hosted by different venues in the Messinia Region, and available to watch online. 

The Shakespeare Lab will run Monday-Saturday, 17 th August-5 th September, from 10.00 in the morning to 16.00 in the afternoon. For this year particularly we will accept up to 12 students.
The classes will take place at the Cultural Centre of Kalamata.

I Am Shakespeare, two Saturday Masterclasses for the Actor with Andrew Visnevski, will take place in selected venues, which will be announced soon. The dates of the two masterclasses are 22nd & 29th August 2020 at 10:00-12:00 noon Greek local time. The duration of the Masterclasses will be 2 hours. There is no added cost for the students of Shakespeare Lab KaDISS 2020 – their participation is obligatory as part of their 3-week theatre training course.